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Doberman - Breeding

Our objectives 

 Health, vitality, strength, robustness and a high life expectancy.




Healthy Doberman !?


“von Raetia” breeds according to the principle of
combination breeding, which usually 
means a 1 to 3% coefficient of inbreeding, and is aimed at producing healthy, vital, strong and robust dogs with a long life expectancy. 

We hope that this will enable us to achieve our main goal of breeding
healthy Dobermans.



Our main priorities:  


Next to the coefficient of inbreeding and ancestor diversity, it is the age that ancestors' reached that is the most important factor to us when it comes to breeding robust dogs with a high life expectancy, more important than any health examination. 

Certainly medical examinations are important, but they can only show us the results for that instant. 

What is essential is the genes that are passed on. 

Health and lifetime can be determined quite well by looking at the age that the ancestors reached.


We cannot give a guarantee, but to create the best possible circumstances is our main goal.


Prevention and aftercare regarding vaccinations has become a high priority in our kennel. 

Our puppies are vaccinated with no more than the obligatory vaccinations set by the VDH for puppies in their first 8 weeks after birth. In order to avoid intolerance and at worst vaccine damage our litter is cared for homeopathically and receives a DETOX OF VACCINATION!

The effect of the vaccination is maintained while the detox helps the body to withdraw harmful substances that come with the vaccination. That way sideeffects from vaccination are reduced.


General information about breeding within the breeders’ association:


As a registered member, we breed according to the strict requirements of the Doberman Club (DV) as well as the specifications of the VDH.

All dogs that are approved for breeding must pass the breed suitability test (ZTP). The goal of the ZTP is to determine which Doberman is suitable for breeding and to exempt from breeding those that are not suitable.

One of the requirements for admittance to the ZTP is a medical examination for HD and vWD.




The ZTP includes:   


1.  Rating of appearance

2.  Test of character (incl. protection work ((Schutzdienst)


Our main objective is to breed physically and mentally healthy dogs, dogs that can be kept as family dogs as well as working or sport dogs. 

Starting when they are four weeks old, our puppies are well socialized by meeting different children and strangers.

Regular check-ups by the vet and the breed warden are part of the requirements of the breeders’ association. The puppy’s health, including hereditary disease, is the most important basis for an uncomplicated and harmonic life between dog and man.

The effort that registered breeders want to and have to invest lays the foundation for humane and healthy breeding. Buying a bargain-priced puppy from an unregistered breeder can quickly become expensive if the puppy turns out to be sick or unhealthy, which can happen without a proper medical examination and known hereditary background. Frequent visits to the vet, and especially operations, are expensive many times higher than the initial cost of buying the puppy. Buying your puppy from a registered breeder is definitely a better investment.  



 Foto: Mecky von der Fuggerstadt ZTP 2013