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Why a Doberman, experiences and impressions.




We live in a small house with a garden together with our two Dobermans and three children. As we often take care of different dogs at our house, we have gotten to know many different breeds from Weimaraners, Rhodesian Ridgebacks to Beagles. Before our first Doberman, we had a Hungarian hunting dog for 11 years. None of these breeds can be compared to a Doberman. To us, the Doberman is not an ordinary dog breed. They almost seem like another species.  

A lot is written about the Doberman on the internet, many good things but also many false facts. We have decided to not write even more but to let everyone form their own idea of whether this breed suits them or not.


Here is a short summary of our experiences and impressions

of life with a Doberman:



A well-socialized and trained Doberman is a loyal and dependable companion for the entire family in all situations. His attitude towards his family’s children and unfamiliar children is very careful and uncomplicated. A Doberman also knows how to behave inside the house. They are peaceful and devoted.  

Our Dobermans have no problem staying alone. They are peaceful and reserved towards strangers. You do not hear them bark very often, only in the case of supposed danger. Then they respond, but are quickly calmed down once they realize that everything is OK.

Dobermans learn fast, are very intelligent and sensitive to the well being  

of all family members.


A Doberman definitely needs a certain amount of activity. However that does not

necessarily have to mean a huge garden and three to five hours of walking a day

as so often proclaimed. Mental work or dog sport at a training ground canbe a good activity. Almost every sport can be practiced with a Doberman. And they will always be among the best due to their great willingness to work and learn.

But they need a calm and consistent leader. Both are equally important, as the Doberman is the image of its leader.


Good socialization towards other dogs and strangers is crucial for later behavior.

Daily routines are not important for Dobermans. They are very patient and

adapt to almost any situation. Training a Doberman requires a lot ofintuition

and a high level of experience. This can usually only be obtained at dog training grounds for working dog breeds. Ordinary dog schools are generally not enough.

The Doberman has to be worked with consistency starting from puppy age.  

If you learn to read and understand him, you will end up with an

extraordinary dog to work with. 

A Doberman can be very spirited outside the training ground as well.  

It isnot usually possible to daydream while walking a Doberman. Walking on the leash isoften a difficult task for him to learn. Dobermans are very curious and alert dogs. They need time to learn to focus on their owner. This has nothing to do with disobedience or aggression. Quite the contrary, Dobermans are extremely obedient and not at all aggressive. They have a strong will to please, however curiosity and their keenness to work often makes them appear forceful.


A young Doberman is like hot molten glass.
It depends on the skill 
of the glassblower whether he will become a piece of art or a fiasco.


Exactly that is our fascination and the reason for our decision to keep and breed

Dobermans. No other breed has a spectrum of talent as wide as the Doberman.

He is a friede, aprotector, and athlete and leisurecompanion all in one. 


"If he is too strong, you are too weak."    

This rather simple saying hits the point when it comes to educating the Doberman. Authority, consistency and love are the three foundations for a Doberman´s education.

 " Love alone is never enough "  


We were given a good piece of advice when buying our first Doberman: “Do not change your lifestyle to fit the dog. The dog will adapt to yourlife.“




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